President Trump In Support of Marijuana

When questioned about an effort in congress to present a bill that would essentially pass the marijuana legislation efforts onto the states, President Trump simply responded by stating that he guesses he could be in support of that. This would be a huge easement to the current federal bans on cannabis that have it on the same level as much harder things like Heroin and LSD.

At the moment the Federal Government does not deem marijuana or cannabis as a medical treatment, however this has not prevented some 20+ states from legalizing marijuana on a medical and even recreational level within their respective borders. This has created a problem when these businesses are seemingly operating legally within their states but illegally according to federal laws. Thus an issue arose that has yet to be amended.

The proposal has the support of congress on both party sides. According to – The proposal introduced Thursday has support from members of Congress from both parties, including Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado.

In Washington, Trump told reporters, “I support Senator Gardner. I know exactly what he’s doing,” when asked about the legislation, “We’re looking at it. But I probably will end up supporting that, yes.”

Despite Trumps mixed signals, we can at least take this with a grain of salt and hope that the Federal Government is finally listening to the overwhelming number of states that have already supported their citizens in legalizing marijuana both for medical and recreational use.

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