Brothers With Glass

Okay, so it has been a minute since the last blog post update. We get it, you miss us. So we are back with something new and fresh for everyone to enjoy. During the brief hiatus from Atlanta Weed a lot of wonderful things have happened. 1st and foremost we are currently on page 1 of Google for a few keyword search results and we much appreciate the love. 2nd we have made a few new contact and friends in the industry and we would like to start sharing these new relationships with you.

New Glass Pipes – Now we all know smoking is a great hobby and some of the most intellectual people, in History, to this day use to partake in Cannabis and Hemp, but who are we to judge. Honestly, we do not mind what you put in your pipe so long as you are enjoying yourself and respecting others. With that said it is quite important to remember to clean your old pipes but most importantly you should always be buying new ones. Now, I love supporting my Local Head Shop but sometimes I like to just hop online and start browsing all types of smoking goodies that I cannot find in 1 store.

If you are like me or just want to be lazy for a day, then I would highly recommend Brothers With Glass. They offer high quality glass pieces and much more at some pretty fair prices. In fact I just recently received my new Chameleon Glass Hand Pipe and I couldn’t be happier. Not only was the packaging secure and discreet but my new pipe looks awesome.

brothers with glass new pipe great shipping
discreet secure new glass pipe shipping
glass pipe with smoking accessories
new pipe with some smoking goodies
new ashcatcher chameleon glass pipe
new ash catcher chameleon glass pipe

The Brothers at Brothers with Glass certainly hooked me up. They included a few smoking goodies with my package and everything arrived super fast. So no matter what you’re throwing in your pipe, make sure you check them out. I picked up the Chameleon Ashcatcher and it does as it says. It catches all the little ash pieces that usually end up in your mouth. I’ve already given it a few run through and I am very pleased… It might replace my current daily pipe.

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