Two Pounds of Weed Delivered To Atlanta “High” School

Two Pounds of Weed Delivered To Atlanta “High” School

Just a few months ago Two Pounds of Marijuana was delivered to Carver High School by the USPS! Now I call that service. The school registrar clerk had already thought the package was “suspicious” prior to opening it. After opening the package she alerted the on campus police officer. Officer K. Barnes successfully identified the package as Marijuana (over 2lbs of it).

Officer K. Barnes wrote in his incident report, “The marijuana carried a faint odor while inside the USPS box, but quickly became strong as I removed the two individually packaged bundles weighing out to 2lbs and 10oz according to USPS label.  The marijuana was doubled wrapped inside vacuum sealed shrink bags.”

The USPS Label on the Box showed the package was originally shipped from Sacramento, California and traveled through several different states before arriving safety at a High School in Atlanta, Georgia!

The marijuana was handed over to the department’s narcotics unit and The Atlanta Police Department has not identified any suspects. (lets hope they properly disposed of it by burning it.

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